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Belly Dancing In Malaysia

Belly dance Class in KL

Belly dancing comes from the term “Wes Asian” dancing. Even though every part of the body involves in this type of dancing, it is further on called only belly dancing. This dance comes in many different types, costumes, and styles. It all depends on the country where it is taught. It became popular all over the world, as many parts of the body are involved in physical activity. There is information that despite the fact that belly dance performs women, there are some types of belly dancing performed commonly by men. These types are traditional dances and have deep perhaps Arabic origins. Belly dancing in Malaysia takes many forms and styles. Women commonly learn to belly dance, all the styles. However, from all the types, belly dancing in Malaysia is very rarely found. There are many types of belly dancing. Belly dance on the east was commonly taught during the period when harem and Ottoman Empire scenes became part of Oriental artists. So, it was in this period when this dance was called “oriental” or “eastern” dancing.

Costumes of belly dancing in Malaysia

Usually costumes for belly dancing consists of top bra, belt and skirt or wide pants, worn in harems. Most of the belly dance styles wear these costumes, but decorated with sequins, beads and embroidery. In the past, women from a harem wore long pants. These pants are full, long and gathered on the ankle. They can be worn in a combination with a skirt, so that the down part would have more layers. The bra is separated from the skirt, so the belly is bare. Belly dancing in Malaysia is performed in similar way. Belly dancers wear long skirts and separate bras, decorated with many beads and embroider. Pants are gathered on the hips, so that the belly is emphasized. Sometimes there are separate clothe or scarf used in their hands, to make dancing more mysterious. Regarding the other styles of belly dancing, such as belly dancing in Malaysia, they use the same clothes for dancing.

Moves in belly dancing in Malaysia

Belly dancing in Malaysia is very rich in belly dance moves. There are even many variations of only one move. However, it can all be achieved with a little practice. There are belly rolls, whirling techniques, turning, and many more. However, the first of importance is the belly roll. It consists of moving the hips at the both sides. For this, you should have stronger belly muscles, but you can do that even without them, with a little practice. On the second place of importance comes the dervish whirling. As the same name implies, it I whirling in circle, but you should try not to fall. Concentrate in only one spot and whirl. The camel walk is also important. It consists of crawling on the floor. Showing the hands to the audience is another move that makes belly dancing. However, almost every style, even and belly dancing in Malaysia consists of these same moves.

Where to learn belly dancing in Malaysia?

There are many studios that offer belly dancing classes. These classes can be in groups, individual, or even more, on the Internet. Belly dancing in Malaysia is very widely practiced. There is an interest for many other styles, not only the belly dancing in Malaysia.

How To Learn Belly Dance

Kuala Lumpur is the largest city and the capital of Malaysia, and its sunny climate, urban atmosphere and rich culture make it a destination which attractive for a great number of tourists from the whole world. The city is constantly evolving in terms of tourism, and if you want to visit an exotic place full of different places to see, you should definitely consider it. There are many different tourist attractions there, but in this article we will focus on belly dance classes in KL. This city is known for the beautiful women who perform belly dance, and tourists should definitely enroll in a belly dance class KL, because it is an unforgettable experience. It is not difficult at all to find a good belly dance class Kuala Lumpur, because the city is full of studios and instructors who offer courses. If you are considering Kuala Lumpur as your tourist destination, read this article and be prepared for the experience.

Finding belly dance classes in KL 

In these modern Internet times, it is a shame to go to vacation unprepared. All I had to do in order to find belly dance classes in KL, was simply typing “belly dance class KL” on Google and a great number of results came out. This city is full of studios which offer courses. Of course, the webpages tell only good things about the classes, so it’s quite important to search the Internet for some reviews about “belly dance class Kuala Lumpur”, and see what different tourists have to say about the service they get. I checked some reviews, and the tourists are mainly satisfied with the services. The courses are not expensive, and they offer a great way to learn some new skills you can use in special occasions. After all, you will have something to brag about when you come home.

What will you learn in belly dance class Kuala Lumpur

You can enroll in belly dance classes in KL for weekly lessons, daily or private classes, but you can also visit some shows and workshop and see how it is done professionally. Locals are very nice to tourists, and they don’t ask for money in return. You will pay a reasonable price for the lessons, and you will have the option to choose from programs which include not only belly dance class Kuala Lumpur, but also Oriental, Folkloric, Modern Egyptian, or belly Fitness dance style. The dancers who give classes have lots of experience and they look and perform simply amazingly. Belly dance class KL is a great opportunity to learn some techniques, feel the exotic rhythm and have a lot of fun.

Don’t forget the experience from the belly dance classes in KL

Most of the tourist have an amazing time while they are on vacation in Kuala Lumpur, but after they go back home, they tend to go back to their jobs and completely return to their old boring every-day life. Well, the things you will learn in belly dance classes in KL should not be forgotten after the vacation is over. Find some time to practice what you have learned, because you didn’t just learn something fun at belly dance class KL – you learned a way that will help you stay fit and maintain a great body. You have seen how the instructors from a belly dance class Kuala Lumpur look like, right? They are beautiful, and they have shown you the way how to achieve that form. So put some music on and take half an hour a day for your own pleasure. Everyone can find that much time.

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