Dance Wear & Costumes

Pink Top: US$27 Purple Capri Pants: US$35

Top: US$27 Capri pants:US$35 (Prices are included shipping fees)

To purchase please email to:

Top: US$27 Capri pants: US$35 (prices are include shipping fees) email:


Dance wear, Dance Pants, Activewear, Belly Dance wear, Belly dance costumes, Jazz Pants








Dance Pants & Top

Dance Pants, Jazz Pants, Belly dance Pants, Costumes

6 Responses to Dance Wear & Costumes

  1. Justina Tan says:

    hi, interested in ur belly costumes, could you pls let me know the price and also any others for belly dance cold cold belt. or any catalogues for me to view so i can order from you. TQ N hope rec ur reply soon.

  2. admin says:

    Hi guys! Please give a correct email if you need Brancy to reply :) Thanks!!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Hi there! I would like to enquire about the hip scarf and the pants price. Thanks ! :D

  4. wjm says:

    may i knw how much is it for this one set of belly dance costume?

  5. Sew Chin says:

    Hi would like to check where can I buy the belly dance belt and how much ?

  6. admin says:

    Hi Sew Chin. All Hips scarves are now on 20% discount. From usual price RM150

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