Belly Dancing Class Malaysia

Belly Dancing Class Malaysia

Belly Dance lessons

If you are looking for belly dancing class kl then you have come to the right place!

We offer belly dancing classes in KL and throughout Malaysia with our qualified and professional belly dance instructors.

Personal or group sessions available.

Contact us today for a quote and to arrange classes!

Send an email to

Happy shimmies!

10 Responses to Belly Dancing Class Malaysia

  1. monica says:

    Do you conduct any belly dancing class in Sarawak?

  2. admin says:

    I am based in KL but I can do a workshop in Sarawak :) Please send me an email.

  3. mai says:

    can u send me email related to the classes?fees etc..
    i’m based in kl

  4. meifung says:

    cant you tell me where are you posision to lear belly dance??

  5. Jessica Tan says:

    hihi~ i m interesting in belly dance~
    may u pls send me ur schedule, course fee and other details for me?
    Also ur center’s address….how to get there by LRT or monarail ??
    thanks so much^^

  6. Estelle says:

    Hi! I am from PJ and would like to take up belly dance classes for beginners/intermediate.. But I m confuse with d different styles available.. Egyptian/ Turkish etc.. Which one do you teach? Can you pls forward the details (cost, schedule etc) to my email? Thanks!

  7. Justine kan says:

    Hi im interested for belly dance do u hv any center in PJ or Puchong or Sunway area?

  8. shasa says:

    where is your place location. can u email to me schedule of classes.

  9. Isabelle says:

    hi, can u send me the details about the location, schedule and fees for the belly dance classes in kl??

  10. Raja Azureen Eleenae says:

    I can’t seem to find the address. Mind sending it to me? Thank youu

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