Argentina Belly Dance workshop by Celebrity Fitness

Saturday morning saw a large group of lovely ladies with their midriff exposed eagerly awaiting the start of a three-day ‘Argentina Belly Dance’ workshop by renowned Argentina ‘Classic and Spanish Dance’ and ‘Arabic Dance’ Professor, Angeles Cayunao.

The radiant Angeles, who graduated from the Arabian Dance School of ‘Amir Thaleb, did not fail to wow us with her graceful yet sultry moves. Check out the event photos…

Photo credit: Felicia Chin

Participants came from all over, including China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. Partaking in the ‘Argentina Belly Dance’ class not only gives you the training to shake and shimmy with sexily but it also improves posture, tones muscle, cultivates weight loss, reduces stress and even prepares women for childbirth. All that while having loads of fun, what’s not to like?

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