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Belly Dancing Class Malaysia

Belly Dancing Class Malaysia If you are looking for belly dancing class kl then you have come to the right place! We offer belly dancing classes in KL and throughout Malaysia with our qualified and professional belly dance instructors. Personal or group sessions available. Contact us today for a quote and to arrange classes! Send an email to Happy… (more…)

Argentina Belly Dance workshop by Celebrity Fitness

Saturday morning saw a large group of lovely ladies with their midriff exposed eagerly awaiting the start of a three-day ‘Argentina Belly Dance’ workshop by renowned Argentina ‘Classic and Spanish Dance’ and ‘Arabic Dance’ Professor, Angeles Cayunao. The radiant Angeles, who graduated from the Arabian Dance School of ‘Amir Thaleb, did not fail to wow us with her graceful yet… (more…)

Press coverage in Kosmo!Online – Varia

Click here to see the full article RAMAI wanita menyukai senaman tarian gelek kerana kelebihannya dalam menguat otot perut sekali gus mencantikkan penampilan keseluruhan tubuh. TARIAN gelek yang bermula sejak 6,000 tahun pada zaman Mesopotamia (Turki) seringkali disalah tafsir kerana gaya pemakaian menjolok mata dan pergerakan yang mengghairahkan. Bagaimanapun, tarian gelek sebenarnya mempunyai keunikan tersendiri dalam membantu wanita membentuk susuk… (more…)

Press coverage in China Press

Click here to see the coverage

Pictures now online from 3rd July 2010 Hafla!

Hafla belly dance party pictures